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You Are BEAUTIFUL Already U!  Beauty Website for Christian Women

Hello, Beautiful!

How Perfect Is the Day When We Give Up Wanting 

to be Younger, Prettier, Thinner or Different in Any Way?

Well Then...Welcome to the University of Petals!

This Beauty Website for Christian Women Was Created for You...

the Beautiful One.

Yes, You!

And possibly, the confused one.

That would be me;

and probably you; too...

if you are anything like me 

or most of the women I have known

 or worked with, 

all kinds of women....

all of us; 

the woman in today's crazy world.  

That's who!

Our Focus for this Website ?

To Let You Know that You Are Beautiful Already


Being Beautiful is Part of God's Plan.

If this doesn't sound like you or your "Cup of Tea,"

then this would be a good time to find another site. 

Thanks for visiting.  Have a great day. No bad.


If you would like to learn some great stuff 

about how to be the best you possible???

Then please let me be the one to tell you, in case nobody has, 

that you, my dear,  are the most beautiful masterpiece on the planet! 

That's a Fact.  

You may not "feel" like you are beautiful, either at this moment, 

or generally speaking; but you really are.  

The Bible Tells Us So. 


young or old, 

fat or skinny, you, me, them,

or anyone in between... 

is absolutely beautiful just the way he/she is.  If we were to photograph you?  Just the way you look this moment... your beauty would be evident!  Maybe you'd be a hot mess; but beautiful just the same!  LOL!  Take a "selfie" and see. God created us in His image. What could be more beautiful?  

     Real beauty is an inside job. That's Lesson #1 at Petal's U!  For example, one of the best pictures anyone ever took of me was a time when I was laughing and crying in the same moment.  Talk about a hot mess!  But the inner beauty was evident, just like it would be for you, for every one; that inner beauty.  Tears and mascara streaming down my cheeks...beautiful!

     Please believe that "Beautiful" includes you; because it does.  YOU were born beautiful! You need to get this deep into your very core. You are beautiful in God's eyes. Whether you believe it or not, that's a different story.  And that's okay.  You don't have to at first.  At least pretend to believe it for now as you grow, learn and blossom.


     You see, our beauty driven society and our social driven media is throwing everything at us with both barrels as to what constitutes beauty and thrown you into a perfect insecure mess. There are many definitions out there that Petal's U  would beg to differ.   But it's all besides the point.  Because the Real Word makes it clear.

     We are all "wonderfully made" in God's image.  What could be more perfect? As women we need to be armed with that truth and the Grace of God. With this knowledge of what "He" says "Real" beauty is;  you get the TRUTH.  It's clear. Everyone is made in His image.  Now you won't ever have to worry about being beautiful again!  Because you are. God says "you are wonderfully made.".

     Additionally, the beauty industry; plastic surgeons, dermatologists, the entertainment industries, among the top contenders, are trying to convince "us" that "we" need to do 20 shots here and a little plumper there; or a nip here and a tuck there, pretty much every six months for the rest of our lives.  Much of this has been going on for years.

     But now some of these new things are just beyond the pale, in my opinion, and if doctors took an oath to do no harm, then they need to think again about what they doing.  They're selling these "quasi-plastic-cosmetic services" like they're a pair of blue jeans;  as down home as apple pie and baseball. "Everybody's doing it, so why not you?"  In my opinion, it's just plain wrong, most of the time.

     In order to be beautiful and fit in 99.9% of girls/women feel pressured to conform to the going trend.  They (meaning the unscrupulous beauty industry) are targeting girls in their teens, 20's and 30's as a quick fix for self-esteem to just begin the list. They're creating lifetime customers.  In addition, they have a high-school cheerleader, Rah-Rah shoot 'em up mentality being perpetuated in all the spas and cosmetic surgeons/dermatologist across the land.  "Go!  Botox!  Go!"  

The beauty industry has created for us a mind-set, if you will, or a narrative... 

     Basically, here it is:  You (meaning you and me and all other women) can't have beautiful skin or a youthful healthy complexion, unless you do all these things: buy these costly, caustic products, use these 5 harsh steps morning and night, have these costly caustic procedures performed on a regular basis throughout adulthood, wrap it up with face lifts at 45 and spend hundreds of thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars to have pretty skin.  Well, guess what???  They're wrong!  

     Plus there's all that they're doing to my own age group, of everyone else over 30, right as we speak!  That's just not good!  In fact, it's bad!  If every woman could be relieved of the worries about being pretty and having a pretty complexion, why we'd have so much more time and money on our hands to go and have a beautiful life without ever having to worry about what you see in the mirror again. Doesn't that sound wonderful?  

     Yes, it does and it is wonderful.  As a woman, 58 years now, I know firsthand what it feels like to hate yourself and what you see.  I myself spent too many years doing it. But somehow; okay, with God's help, I figured it out. He wants me to tell you all what I know.  He asked me to create this website.  He doesn't want you to ever worry again; if you are pretty enough.  You are beautiful.

     I am standing strong in faith, as this website grows, that God has given me the power and authority at this juncture in my life to speak truthfully and boldly about these very issues impacting the lives of my sisters of faith!  

     God has called me and armed me with the knowledge and wisdom that is not politically correct; but needs to be heard.  Each keystroke comes from Above because there is much everyone needs to know about the beauty industry and what the marketing of beauty in America does to women. You. Your daughter(s). Mother.  Sisters.  Friends. All of those who feel "Not Pretty".  It's not you.  It's them.

     They are actually creating new norms of beauty. Wouldn't you agree?  Oddly, most would say they don't even like it.  These new standards are from man; not God. We are perfect now.  We were created in His image.   If we took any insecure woman, stuck in an 80's time warp and did a simple make-over on her...OMG!  If Stacy and Clinton from "What Not to Wear" got a hold of her?  Beautiful! Guess what? Anyone can do a makeover, anytime in their lives, for different stages, different reasons, we are ever evolving.  And if you're in a rut:  you can get out of it!  Tomorrow!  Now! This moment.

     Remember that movies, reality TV, Youtube, etc. is the world of "Unreality."  That is ENTERTAINMENT,  not truth!   I have a question for you.  What happened to all the female movie actresses from 10 or 20 years ago?  Meg Ryan.  Melanie Griffith.  Sharon Stone.  They aren't doing movies anymore because of too much "you know what", so much so, that they don't look right on camera anymore.  Their beauty has morphed, twisted, distorted.  Our beloved, Joan Rivers? Need I say more?

    But the real woman, who come into my shop each day, every day, are just so beautiful in there own right that these stardust beauties don't even come close.  But sadly, they are the last to believe in their own beauty and/or are too busy working their fanny's off to support a life and family in Hometown USA to even worry.  Every woman I ever talk with doesn't want to look like the "Housewives" of "Anywhere" anyway, but they don't know where to turn!  The "new norm" at spas and doctors offices scares the heck out of most sane women and they REALLY don't want to go there, at all. 

Lesson #1

WWJD?  Jesus would have you love yourself, as He loves you, and as you would love others.   He wants you to find your beauty, not your faults.  If you feel compelled to change/fix/improve for the better?  Do what you can on your own and leave the rest to Him.  If something affects your self-esteem enough to prevent you from feeling your best and you CAN do something to fix it; then do.  

If you can't do anything about it, then accept it and make the best of it. Learn how else to make what God gave you look it's best!  I don't think He would be mad at those who have, at all, unless it was done for the wrong reasons by the wrong people. 

I think He would want you to examine your heart and conscience and see why you may feel so insecure that you feel you need to do it. Will it change anything?  Is it in your mind and not everyone elses?  Think about that.  One of my favorites quotes on this comes from the wise Joyce Meyers,  when she says that all women need to make friends with our thighs and go on.   

Your real security is God Himself.

Assignment # 1 

Plus, I can promise that a one week makeover with a great stylist is usually all it takes for most women to realize how gorgeous they really are.  But, most women don't have that luxury sooo... here's a free, fabulous way for everyone to get a one week "at home" makeover that will give you the info you really need in an absolutely funny and adorable way. 


It's so much fun!!!!

YouTube "What Not to Wear" for a week. 

Do a daily marathon on TLC or Netflix.  

Find it somewhere!

Get a note pad and take notes.  Have a box of Kleenex handy 'cause you'll be laughing and crying your head off. But...most women need this intensive dose of reality to get a jump start on how to find out your true style and image. You will see yourself in all of these women as they take ducklings and turn them into swans!  So easily.  Just a little education and open mind and well, nerve.  If you don't think you need some tweeks after watching a good dose of episodes?  Well, you may be the most in need.  Be honest with yourself. 

But it's so worth it.  There.  That's the best, free make-over advice I can give anyone who wants to find themselves. Make an experiment out of it.  See if anyone notices the changes you start to make.   Hmmm.  You'd be shocked. It works.  The show was a hit for over 25 years of which I enjoyed watching.  I miss Stacey and Clinton our heroes in real women's fashion education. Thanks for all of your wonderful although, hard to hear, advice.  You rock!  

Btw...just rediscovered the reruns on TLC.  Check them out! Awesome!

Now back to reality....

And these morphed forms of women's faces are all over everything!  You know what I mean.  Perfection. No flaws. Perfect equals beautiful.  Beautiful equals perfect.  And perfection now is not what it used to be!  Our counterparts in movies, on TV, news etc. are setting a new precedent for beauty that most real woman think looks way too fake. 

They're doing a pretty good job of morphing our beauty image, too!  It's infiltrating Hometown, USA.  Do you know you can do "Walk-In Botox" now as easily as a pedicure? OMG!   As women, we're always talking about how to look & feel our best...and too eager to run to the beauty trough to see what they're feeding us.  

     But stop and consider, if you will, that you may not have to go there at all.  Wouldn't that be awesome?  Be beautiful everyday; at every age?  What a concept!!!! 

Well? Welcome to the Family!

God's children know that they are beautiful in His sight. 

The rest?  Is just logistics!


Women don't know where to begin to turn or whom to believe any more for help in this area.  It's "Bonkers" out there with what's going on!

Here's why...

We've never been in times like today!  

We were born innocent, trusting woman in unprecedented times. 

It's an "Anything Goes" beauty industry and an "Anything Goes" world. 

May we give you a small voice of reason on a big huge topic?

This website was created for...

the confused, undiscovered beauties of this world.

Because sometimes...

it's just downright hard to know which end is up! 

We are all so very trusting, naive' and constant students in a scary world where the rules change in the blink of an eye.  Each day brings new lessons, fresh insights, epiphanies even, on things both large and small. Sometimes, we don't know what hit us and we find ourselees completely ignorant about it until it smacked us in the face!  

Like a "deer in the headlights" 

kind of feeling 

where you wonder.. .

"Why did I not know this?  

Where have I been?  


Someone should have told me this one! " 


Have you ever been there?  I have.  Many times.   Too many times, in fact.  Hopefully for most of us, someone comes along the way (parents, teachers, family & friends, pivotal people). They catch us and guide us to a good place at different times in our lives; times when we didn't know what we didn't know until we got there. Sometimes, we just learn the hard way. Now we know and as Oprah says, "When you know better; you do better."


There in lies our journey,  

our own unfolding...

like the petals on a rose!  

Even among the weeds of life!


Each rose petal and yes, each thorn, helps the rose to become it's most beautiful flower.  

Each rose gets only one chance to bloom into it's full glory; just like us!

Let us help you grow towards a new blossoming, a new beauty, 

that comes from the inside out.  

We want to share some "Petals of Wisdom" and point out some "Thorns" along the way.  

Please visit The University of Petals for some warmly-honed and lovingly-given ways to become even more beautiful. It's easier than you think!  I promise!  The good news is that each morning is a fresh day with a new start towards your own blossoming. So if you really messed up yesterday, you can totally start over today!  Ta! Dah! Do one thing today to make yourself feel more beautiful.  Give it a chance.  You have everything to gain; the most beautiful you.  What could be more wonderful?

Hey, this might help show you what we're kind of talking about.  It a little funny, actually.  When I was a classroom teacher I started each lesson with a funny to get the kids laughing so they would be more receptive. 

So, this would be a good time to interject one here...

In fact you have to divert to youtube.com and look up a new video entitled:  "It's All About the Bass". 

If you go there,I do believe you will get a delightful kick and giggle and feel-good insight into being your most beautiful self. 

After you finish laughing and enjoying the song send it to all of your friends, come back to Petal's U as often as you can.


The University of Petals hopes to share all of her knowledge that will benefit you in your journey through your own blossoming.  As of 9/15/14 launch date, articles, scientific data, interviews and more will be added in the weeks and months to come.  If you have any questions or want to share your story, please click on our Contact Form!

It's never too late to blossom!  

It's never too late to feel beautiful, inside and out!  


Never.  I don't care if you're 99.

Choose to be a beautiful you today.

May Petals Fall from Heaven Upon Your Life!

Prof Petals

Professor of All Things Beautiful


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